YouTube Is Launching A Video Game Site

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Posted 2 years ago

HR wanting to be left out in the cold, YouTube is now making a direct appeal to gamers with their latest initiative.

The company plans to develop and launch their own site dedicated to video games as well as a related application entitled YouTube Gaming.

This move is expected to be a deterrent against the online popularity of Twitch, a website that allows users to watch and connect with players on live broadcasts.

Google had made a bid to buy Twitch but were beat out by Amazon’s bid of nearly one billion dollars.

YouTube Gaming will have 25,000 individual game portals for dedicated activity on a single page and will launch first in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In terms of advertising profits, it’s split between YouTube and the individual who’s broadcasting.

There’s also plans to bolster the ‘tip jar’ feature which allows visitors to give the broadcaster money for their efforts in creating and uploading game footage.

Christopher A. Smith


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