YouTube Prepared To Expand Very Soon With Subscription Service

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Posted 4 years ago


YouTube Prepared To Expand Very Soon With Subscription ServiceYouTube plans to expand its business later in the year. With something not unlike a video version of Spotify, YouTube will create an on-demand music service. The mobile revolution is in full swing on the internet and has YouTube ready to serve up both a premium level as well as a free level as their new service is just about set to get under way. If you are a paying customer you will have a library of unlimited access to the whole shebang that YouTube has of its complete content.

Google Inc. is YouTube Inc.’s parent company’s subscription service, All Access.

From what can be gathered from sources, the upcoming plans of YouTube include Google Glass that they may pair with.  YouTube , through its parent company has already done its homework in securing licenses from Warner Music Group in March, hot on the heels of reigning in it’s licenses with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

The ability to stream full albums will be greeted as a very palatable feature for the new YouTube service. Even the ability to save on battery consumption and bandwidth costs will be the result of the offline premium feature of the YouTube service to subscribers whereas things will be designed so it can function by caching  songs and videos without even being connected.

A large overhaul in YouTube’s design for the new YouTube mobile app is expected but with an easy to use interface for maximum enjoyment.

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